What isOrange

Orange is a brand to be measured no in the years of
existence but the miles stones of changes we wrought in
the lives of people connected with us.


Our Aproach

Our Service Message –More than anything it’s a promise.

We, at Orange believe in life on the Move. We believe in long trips, leisurely drives, the spirit of adventure and the urge to explore the world.

We nurture the wanderlust in you. Which is why we strive to make your pit stops as pleasurable as possible. Welcome to the perfect Fuelling point. Refresh. Go.

At Orange we cast our identity to reflect the essence of freshness and movement. his includes constituting our brand position to better help our customers. We are sure our customers want help finding the perfect service centre that’s right for them.

Fuel stations area challenging avenue -a lot goes on behind the scene to keep the promise. Orange brand message captures the spirit of what we do and elevates it to the highest level of importance internally and externally..

  • The Vission

    To bring to the Middle East, a chain of retail Fuelling Stations that are not just fuel stops but the best oases for recharging and refuelling the body, the mind, the heart and your wheels
  • The Mission

    Orange Stations are part of every road trip. Every Journey is made easier when the traveller goes the Orange route. Bringing the spirit of life on the move, seamless and unfettered, to the roads of middle east, making re-discovering the middle east, once again an adventure everyone would crave, making the experience of every road trip for individuals and families a memorable one, each and every time.
    Making every refuelling stop an opportunity to provide thebest of services, and another moment in their trips to click and share and hold dear in memories.Making accessible every need on the road, on the go.

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